• Taste the terroir of Japan
  • Bringing you the world’s wines with passion
  • NO wine, NO life


Taste the terroir of Japan

Japan’s varying climates and terrains produce abundant varieties of delicious rice and other foods. Japan’s environment is also ideal for producing sake. A wide range of sakes are made at Japan’s 1500 sake breweries. We want you to encounter not just their tastes, but the startling diversity of terroirs that they offer to the palate.

Bringing you the world’s wines with passion

Wine is produced under local prevailing conditions?as they occur in the world’s winemaking regions. At his vineyard, the farmer grows grapes by rooting vines on the land and cultivating them in ways best suited to the local soil and climate. The grapes are then fermented into wine. Not only do we import wine but we bring it to our customers with the same care and passion as those who produced it. We hope our customers feel this devotion.

NO wine, NO life

In Japanese the expression ‘nou wine, nou life’ has two meanings. Either it can mean ‘Farming for wine, farming for life’ or ‘No wine, No life.’

Not only is wine essential to life but we, as purveyors of fine wines, aim to provide a product that originates from the land. We aim to support the creative process by our involvement with the vineyards.

Company Profile

In 1938, the family’s first generation proprietor, Goichi Tanigaki, founded the Tanigaki Liquor Shop in Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture.
In 1989, its sister shop Hikamiya was opened by the third generation, Yujiro Tanigaki, in the same city.

Hikamiya is a specialty shop that carries around 2000 types of alcoholic beverages, including wine and local sake.
The shop’s inventory consists entirely of products chosen for both their good taste and suitable price.
The shop management continually gathers information and attends tastings to find products that can satisfy customers’ diverse requirements.
Thereby transforming a wonderful product into a wonderful event/occasion.

We have this in mind as we sell wine, sake, and liquors.

Hikamiya & Co.,Ltd.
345 hotsubo,kaibara-cho,tanba-shi,Hyogo,669-3311, Japan
Phone: (+81) 795-73-0968 / Fax: (+81) 795-73-0252
E-mail: info@hikamiya.co.jp
Owner: Yujiro Tanigaki
Budo-ya HaruJiro wine shop
186 kawara-machi,sasayama-shi,Hyogo,669-2325, Japan
Phone & Fax: (+81) 79-506-4639
E-mail: budouya.harujiro@maia.eonet.ne.jp More
Hikami Office
48 narimatsu,hikami-cho,tanba-shi,Hyogo,669-3601, Japan
Phone: (+81) 795-82-1037 / Fax: (+81) 795-82-5477
E-mail: info@tanigaki-syouten.co.jp
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